The Component struct has the following properties:

  • uint256 proportion: A value defining the proportion of the overall allocation of the provided asset type. This value is in 4 decimals, meaning 100 is 1%. The total proportion across all components must equal 100% (10000).

  • address poolAddress: The smart contract of the target source responsible for emitting deposits/withdrawals. In some cases, the target source does not have an address; in that case, a zero address (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000) is acceptable.

  • uint256 tranche: If the provided source has an underlying tranche it would like to target, that can be defined here. If not, a zero (0) is acceptable.

  • Source enum: The id of the target protocol. Source is an enum where the position in the enum represents a protocol type.

struct Component { 
    uint256 proportion; 
    address poolAddress; 
    uint256 tranche; 
    Source source; 

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