The admin can call the accrueProtocolFee on the Vault Manager contract, which mints vault tokens to the treasury at the defined rate. Set as InflationPerYearForProtocolFee on the Config.

   * @notice Accrue the protocol fee from all vaults, restricted to admin
   * @param _vaultAddress the vault address to collect the fee
  function accrueProtocolFee(address _vaultAddress) external onlyAdmin {
    IAlloyxVault vault = IAlloyxVault(_vaultAddress);
   * @notice Accrue the protocol fee by minting vault tokens to the treasury
  function accrueProtocolFee() external override onlyManager {
    uint256 totalSupply = vaultToken.totalSupply();
    uint256 timeSinceLastFee = block.timestamp.sub(lastProtocolFeeTimestamp);
    uint256 totalTokenToMint = totalSupply.mul(timeSinceLastFee).mul(config.getInflationPerYearForProtocolFee()).div(10000).div(ONE_YEAR_IN_SECONDS);, config.treasuryAddress());
    lastProtocolFeeTimestamp = block.timestamp;

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